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Tile is one of the world’s most versatile decorating materials in the world, and it can be used around the home in a number of different ways and can brighten up an otherwise monotone room.

If you are thinking of renovating or remodelling, there is one part of the house you may not have considered. The Fireplace. You may be wondering what on earth you can do to turn your fireplace from drab to fab – one way that is gaining in popularity is by using tile.

Of course, tile has been around for a long time, but it is growing in popularity and if you are looking for some great ideas to spruce up your fireplace or mantle, tile might be just what you are looking for.

In the Bedroom:

Some home owners have been lucky enough to have a fireplace in their bedroom, wood heaters are a great way to keep a bedroom warmer in winter. Of course, you need to work out what tile will work with your existing decor, but some classic looks include:

  • Ceramic tiles – they can feel simple, but sometimes that’s all you need. Ceramic is a good tile for retaining heat, but they won’t be hot to touch when your wood heater is on. It is also one of the cheaper tiles so suits a lot of budgets.
  • Porcelain tiles – are also very affordable and are one of the most commonly used tiles around a fireplace simply as these tiles come in countless, colours, finishes and textures. They also look great in a family or living room, so they are not just limited to bedrooms.
  • Granite Tiles – these are a cost-effective tile that looks like natural stone, making it a great tile if you want a cool and collected look. Granite is highly resistant to scratches, stains and acidic spills making it a durable option for your wood heaters.


The living room is one of the most *seen* rooms in your house. It gets a lot of traffic, it’s the room you want your guests to be in and is the room where you want to show off your best decorations. Some of the best fireplace tips include:

  • Marble – this tile is, without a doubt one of the most loved materials, it is smooth, cool and stunning to look at, and it will increase the value of your home. Marble is timeless and elegant and stands out no matter what. If you have the budget – invest in marble.
  • Brick tile and Traditional stone – if you really want to impress your guests with a large tall stone fireplace this is how to do it. A big stone surround really draws the eye, and it’s also wonderful for retaining heat, so on the coldest day, you’ll still be nice and warm.
  • Glass mosaic tiles – really give your guests something to look at, and, as the living room is the perfect place to do this – imagine what it would be like to be welcomed into a room by shimmering tiles in different shapes and sizes. Glass mosaic tiles are popular in bathrooms and used as kitchen splashbacks. Mosaic tiles are a great way of incorporating some colours into your fireplace area.

Patterns and Textures:

For a more decorative fireplace, you may be considering something with a little more flair. Rather than using single-toned tiles, you can decorate with not only different colours, but different designs as well. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Tile patterns – zig-zags or stripes you can achieve a fun look with different tiles as it can draw the eye, without being too overpowering. Create some drama with blue and white zig-zag stripes or alternating shades of grey and yellow.
  • Herringbone tile patterns – Herringbone has been a popular pattern for many years and can still make for a *conversation piece* around your fireplace. Herringbone is similar to zig-zag using alternating shapes of long tiles to create a pattern that looks like a fish bone.
  • Pebble texture tiles – pebbles might not be your first choice, but they are great if you are looking for something different. They contrast well with wooden flooring and are great for covering larger spaces of your fireplace.

How to choose the Right Material:

Choose your tile based on look, versatility and price, but always be mindful of the actual material you are thinking of. Some types of tile may not do well near your wood heater, while other tiles make for a better surround. You also need to ensure the fireplace is capable of supporting a lot of tile being laid around it.

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