Donaldson Filtration Solutions for Trucks

Donaldson Filtration

Over the past few decades, the demand for advanced filtration solutions for commercial vehicles has been on the rise. These solutions are ideal because they improve vehicle performance as well as the health and safety standards of the industry.

Commercial vehicles use several types of filters for various reasons. Some filters protect the truck’s internal components from damage and extend their lifespan. Yet, others protect the driver and road users from exposure to exhaust fumes and other pollutants. This article focuses on a few of the filtration solutions for commercial vehicles developed by Donaldson.

Who is Donaldson?

The Donaldson Filtration Solutions Company was started as a family business by Frank Donaldson Senior in 1915. He launched the company after inventing the first effective tractor engine air cleaner in the world. Frank was a Bull Tractor Company salesman at the time. He built the filter by hand to help a customer whose engine kept breaking down.

Now, more than a century later, Donaldson Filtration Solutions has a physical presence in more than 40 countries. The company reports revenue of about $2.85 billion a year. Also, the Donaldson Company has invested almost $60 million in R&D and holds more than 1,800 patents.

Donaldson Filtration Technology

The Donaldson Company develops filtration solutions for several industries including aerospace, agriculture, construction, mining and others. Combining the varying demands of these industries enables the company to develop some of the most efficient technologies available. Below are some of Donaldson’s unique filtration solutions for commercial vehicle applications.

1.      PowerCore® G2 Filtration Technology

The PowerCore G2 is a compact air cleaner for robust applications. It is a second-generation PowerCore technology that offers a 30% reduction in size from its predecessor. It is also 60% smaller than the conventional pleated cylindrical filters.

PowerCore G2 is built with metal-free, lightweight flexible materials. This gives the original equipment manufacturers more design options than conventional technologies. The technology is ideal for filtration systems that have complex designs and space limitations.

The PowerCore G2 also uses Donaldson’s original straight-through airflow and advanced sealing technologies. To date, Donaldson has sold more than 11 million PowerCore filters.

2.      Ultra-Web® Filtration Technology

Donaldson’s Ultra-Web is a dynamic filtration media solution that is 10 times more efficient than conventional cellulose media. The Ultra-web filtration media consists of nanofibers with submicron diameters. The small spaces between fibres enable the Ultra-Web media to filter up to 3 times more dust than conventional systems.

Ultra-Web filtration media is stronger, lasts longer and can perform better than conventional media in extreme conditions. Also, due to its improved efficiency, the Ultra-Web media reduces the rate of engine wear significantly.

3.      SELECT™ Fuel Filtration

Donaldson’s SELECT fuel filtration technology is a modular fuel solution that suits a wide variety of applications. It offers users a range of configuration options and component flexibility to suit their needs.

The technology’s main configurable features include a varied choice of filtration media, interchangeable head options, reusable housing and optional add-ons. The list below shows some of the extra customizable features of the SELECT fuel filtration technology.

  • Pump Options
  • Porting size
  • Electric heating
  • Water collection bowl
  • Water-in-fuel sensors

High-quality filtration solutions are vital for the improved performance and longevity of truck engines. They also feature in the improvement of air quality by minimizing GHG emissions. The Donaldson Company boasts more than a century of specialized experience in the filtration technology industry. The company’s intensive R&D culture enables it to continually shape the industry and stay ahead of its competitors.

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