Creating a Backup Plan for When It Rains on the Day

Creating a Backup Plan for When It Rains on the Day

It’s the morning of your big day. Everything is going to plan, one could even say swimmingly. There is a buzz in the air and a swarm of activity as you and the girls get ready, champagne in hand, in high spirits, fussing over the finer details such as looking beautiful. As the hairdresser works her magic you look in the mirror and think what a fine choice of dress you made in a Maggie Sottero. This quickly makes way for another thought as your minds races over the day all the while chatting and laughing with girls.

People dart back and forth in the hotel room, preening, pecking around for odds and ends to finish the job. The important job of looking fabulous.

The hairdresser announces that she’s finished, and again you look in the mirror in delight as your inner princess is finally revealed to all its glory and everything you imagined.

You look out the hotel window toward the shoreline of the beach where the archway and chairs are set up and admire the arrangement.

The call has been made and its almost time. The photographer calls for a photo of the bridal party. As you and the girls take direction from the photographer everything feels right in the world. It’s everything you imagined and more.

It’s time. It’s finally time. The butterflies in your stomach are sent into a frenzy as you and the bridal party step out of the hotel. The red carpet is in sight and in a matter of time you will be finally married to the love of your life on your favourite beach in the world. The crowd goes silent as the music starts and know that it’s your cue to start the walk.

Drip. You feel a sudden jolt in your hair. You look across to see the bridal party, eyes slightly wide as they too felt the jolt coming from above. The overhead sky is looking bleak as grey clouds seemed to have formed out of nowhere. And then it happens. The heavens open up without sympathy.

There is pandemonium as everyone scatters for the nearest shelter meanwhile your frozen in your tracks. The bride’s maids are ushering you along, offering sympathy that registers numb to your dismayed delusion. You simply can’t fathom that this is happening to you on your special day.

The wedding attendees congregate in the hotel room and start to get comfortable as the rain appears to be set in for a while.

Meanwhile serious talks of a solution to the problem are in place amongst the family. The call is made to have the wedding and in hotel lobby and make the most of the unfortunate predicament. Everyone does their part to prep the lobby to resemble a wedding. Two hours later, the lobby is looking festive and everyone is seated. The music starts and the ceremony begins.

The wedding goes on, and a good day was had by all. But is all that stress necessary. All of these things could have been avoided if only I had a back-up plan. The moral of the story is that there are some things in life you can’t control in life and its worth having a back-up plan especially for that special day.

I’ve been through it and its definitely not worth the stress, so my advice is to have a back plan in case of inclement weather.

Check the weather.

You may well think ahhhh duh. But once you get wrapped up in all the wedding planning whoo haaa somethings will tend to slip your mind and in this case it was the weather.

If you’re having your wedding outdoors always have gazebos and covers. These can easily and stylishly be incorporated into your outdoor wedding motif and will protect guests from the weather and it is a place to congregate.

Have a backup venue.

If you’re getting married in a hotel, make arrangements to have the lobby set up ready just in case because mother nature can be a real “mother” sometimes. She doesn’t care that it’s your special day.

The best thing to do is to talk to wedding planner and ask the question. “What if it rains?” This will prompt her to make back up plans and suggestions so you don’t have to.

In any case I thought I would share my story, to release the burden, and perhaps impart some wisdom.

Whether or not any of this resonates with you all depends the weather. Weather it does or whether it doesn’t.

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