Consider Glass Balustrades for Your Home Renovations


Hey you! Are you planning for home renovation? Well, then I need to have a chat with you about what you should consider when you’re doing them – glass balustrades. It may not be the sexiest topic, sure – but it’s something that I think I need to cover after my experience this year.

I did owner-builder renovations in my place this year. This included putting on a whole back of home extension, including a second story, new bathroom, and a wrap-around outdoor deck. It was a mammoth task and took months to do all the work, and not without a couple of blunders along the way.

My old home also had a deck out the back, but we didn’t have glass balustrades. It was painted timber if you’re familiar with the look, and to be honest, it didn’t look great. The style of my home is pretty modern, really, so we wanted to make the extension also relatively modern and sleek concerning look and style.

The decision to go with glass balustrades wasn’t one that I took lightly. The glass was a fair bit dearer than my other options, so it meant that I had to downgrade in another area of my renovation to get in under budget. However, I do think that I made the best decision.


Since my back deck looks out over the pool area, it’s great to be able to get the full view down to the back of the yard. The pool looks pretty great if I do say myself (one of the house upgrades we made before the big renovation), so it’s great to be able to see it all without obstruction.

If you’re checking out your options for glass balustrade systems, either internal or external ones, then you’ll need to think about a few different things like I did. First of all, glass balustrades don’t work with all types of homes, necessarily. If you are doing renovations on an old cottage type of house, and want to continue with the same style, then glass might not really fit in with the whole sort of idea of the place.

However, if you are updating an old home and looking to marry various new modern elements into the design if you are going to be adding multiple different updates – well, this might just work. The important part is making sure that your balustrades will work with the aesthetics of your home.

Also, as I mentioned before, the glass may be a pricier option than some other types of balustrading. This is important to consider if you are working to a budget. With every home update, we can’t always get the best of the best every time, but you don’t want to skimp on some of the more important design aspects of your home. For instance, when I chose glass balustrading I had to even it out by going for some less expensive tiling in my bathroom. Shopping around can help in this regard, too – if you have the time to do it.

Renovations are hard work. And I’m not just talking if you’re doing some of the building works with your own hands! They take a long time, you have to make all sorts of different design decisions, and often you have to live with your house in a shambles around you for even months in any one stretch. But it’s always important to keep the end in sight. One day it’ll all be over, and you’ll have your awesome new house to relax in, complete until the next round of renovations 20 years or so down the track…

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