Barbecues are not reserved to residences with huge lawns and backyard porches. Such residences can certainly accommodate more people but with the right equipment, you can enjoy the same in your apartment building or small townhouse. Modern living focuses on maximum utilisation of space, therefore most residents in urban areas only have small spaces to spare for barbecues. Fortunately, there an array of barbecue options available to serve the needs of apartment residents and small homeowners. Lack of space is not enough reason to not enjoy barbecues with your family and guests. Here are some of the compact barbecue options that will keep your weekends tasty.


The Weber Kettle Series

The Weber Kettle is an old design that has stood the test of time and remains one of the most iconic barbecues on the market. Everyone knows the Weber Kettle; it’s the most popular barbecue in Sydney. Designed by Weber, the barbecue features a unique dome-shaped design. Its stay-cool handles are made from a weather-resistant thermoplastic material and are certain to give you years of dependable service. The leg couplings and handles are welded to the barbecue then sealed in porcelain enamel. The Weber Kettle features different barbecue models ranging from the Weber Ranch Kettle, the biggest barbecue in the series, to the Weber Compact Kettle.

The Weber Compact Kettle

This barbecue holds true to its name. It is the most compact model in the Weber Kettle series with a size of 54 cm, a height of 97cm, and a width of 63cm. The barbecue can easily fit in your small courtyard and the balcony. This model offers quality at a bargain price. The barbecue features vents, ash catchers and legs made of durable non-rust aluminium. The legs can disassemble from the bowl for easy transportation. It’s expected that a small barbecue can only handle a small roast but the Weber Compact Kettle has a cooking area of 2550cm2. This more than enough cooking area to prepare a meat feast.

The Weber Performer Kettle

If you want the convenience of a work area close to your barbecue due to limited space, the Weber Performer Kettle is the best option for you. This contemporary barbecue still features the iconic dome-shaped Kettle grill but with added features. A sturdy steel work table conveniently folds up beside the grill offering plenty of work area to prepare the meat and all its accompaniments. Under the barbecue, the heavy-duty steel cart provides plenty of storage space for barbecue accessories. The Weber Performer Kettle also features a tuck-away lid holder that conveniently allows the lid to slide out of the way when accessing food. The barbecue also comes with the Weber Gourmet Barbecue System cooking grill. By adding a cast iron sear grate or a pizza stone, you can create a charcoal cooking system with the barbecue.


The Weber Q series

The Weber BBQ series was born in 2004 and it didn’t take long before the grill became a crowd favourite. People are attracted to the series’ compact size, unique design and portability. Grilling enthusiasts, on the other hand, are drawn by the remarkable performance of the Weber Q series. The grill features quality burner systems and lightweight durable materials. The Q series allows barbecue enthusiasts to enjoy the best of both worlds with a grill that fits into a small courtyard, with the capacity to prepare a whole meal. Whether you are on a camping trip or throwing burgers on for lunch in your courtyard, do it with a Q.

The Weber Q 2200

This is the original Weber Q. It’s big enough to prepare a meal for a family, but compact enough to take away on a trip or set up on a small courtyard. The Weber Q 2200 is the biggest seller in the Q series due to the amazing performance it delivers. The barbecue has a sturdy body, rust-resistant cooking grills and an electronic infinite igniter. If you are looking for a small barbecue for your home, this is it.

The Weber Family Q Premium

This is a compact, powerful contemporary barbecue option for those who want to enjoy great cooking results. The grill delivers the same world famous flavours of the Weber Q range while making a statement with its stunning contemporary design. The barbecue features porcelain-enamelled, cast-iron cooking grates for long-lasting quality. The stainless steel burners on the grill offer low maintenance and amazing cooking results. You can enjoy both portability and convenience with the Family Q barbecue. It has two removable folding work tables and a built-in lid thermometer. Despite its compactness, the grill can prepare a meal for 10-12 people.

Whether you have a backyard or a small courtyard, there is a barbecue option for everyone. Space is not of concern when you want to enjoy a good barbecue.


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