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Although sex and desire play an important part in our lives, there are still common misconceptions about sex that have been around for years and maybe even passed on to the next generation. Despite being already an adult, there are many myths and facts that people get wrong and the reason of this post is to reveal some misinformation and learn how to get the most pleasure out of our love life by revealing the seven things we know wrong about sex.

#Penis size

One of the most common misconceptions is, that the penis needs to be large in order to satisfy the female partner. But the most sensitive part of the vaginal canal is the first five centimeters and as sex is not only about penetration but finding each other’s erogenous zones and paying attention to them during foreplay, hence a small penis can be as satisfactory as a large one. What is even more important is to openly communicate with the partner about what feels good and what not to help sex life improve.

#Only young men suffer from premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is common in men throughout all age groups. The familiar dilemma is not related to maturity, as research has found that a lot of men affected by this condition suffer from disappointment, shame, and embarrassment and may, in consequence, develop a high-stress level and performance anxiety and therefore not be able to control their orgasm.

#Mind-blowing sex comes naturally

Just because the lovers in a movie or on television seem to have great sex, doesn’t mean that this is natural for every loving couple. A lot of times partners have to communicate about what makes them aroused and pleasures them as well as trying new positions and techniques for both to have great sex. This indicates an openness that might not be easy from the start but will eventually lead to great satisfactory sex for both partners every single time.

longer lasting sex

#Old people are not interested in sex anymore

As sex is important for the emotional health and well being of people of all ages, it might feel different at a later stage of life. While some humans declare their libido has decreased over the years, this might not have anything to do with lessened desire or affection but may be related to a number of health issues such as changes within a relationship, side effects of medication or communication barriers.

#Sex has to last for hours to be satisfying

Whilst people brag about their endless sex sessions and it seems to be a sign of manhood to last long, we all know that duration has seldom something to do with quality. Very few people have intercourse that lasts longer than 12 minutes and surveys find the average intercourse lasts 5-7 minutes. But there are times when a quickie is more appreciated than intense lovemaking thus don’t feel ashamed if you grab the situation by its hands to fulfil your lust.

#Sex starts between the sheets

Making the woman in your life feel special and appreciating her in daily life is the key to a satisfactory love life. Arousing her may start well before the clothes come off, whether it’s through a suggestive text message or a knowing look across the room at a party. This is the kind of foreplay she will love and does not necessarily involve going for her sensitive body parts right away.

#Porn portrays the secret fantasy of women

The main focus of the porn industry is making money and sex therapists are concerned that the overuse of this fantasy world will affect the way young males perceive women. Using porn as sex education will have a severe impact on how they experience their sexuality and behave towards females. Whereas in porn violence and extreme practices are portrayed, in real life sex should be intimate, respectful and of consent.

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