Christmas Gift Inspirations

Christmas Gift Inspirations

Can you believe it’s already October? This year has flown by, and it feels like Christmas supper from 2016 has barely settled. With the end of the year drawing ever closer we will take a look at some Christmas gift hampers to get your present giving juices flowing.

The gift of slippers filled with all kinds of delicious and cute goodies is something that those in the colder climates appreciate. I was thinking, here where we live it’s scorching over Christmas, and the only slippers we’ll be wearing are, well none. A really cute idea to take from the slipper filled with goodies is to buy a pair of really colorful (could be red in the spirit of the season) flip-flops. For the ladies in your life you can add a gorgeous color nail polish, and for the men, a nice chocolate will do nicely. Pop it in a homemade gift bag, and there you go. A thoughtful summer Christmas gift that your loved ones can wear to the beach or swimming pool. And you can always add any other small gifts; the options are endless.

Every Christmas we spend at least one meal or drink at a friend or family members home. A great gift to take along for the hostess is a gorgeous kitchen towel (or three) with three or four wooden kitchen utensils. You can tie a festive ribbon around the gift to keep it all together. If the host is a guy, switch the kitchen utensils to barbeque tools; relaxed, thoughtful and classy.

Who doesn’t love a sweet treat during the holiday season? This Christmas gift inspiration is for those who have a few mason jars lying around.

The first one is the Snowman. You’ll need black buttons, red felt and white chocolate covered pretzels. You can either make your own pretzels drizzled in white chocolate, or you can buy them (no judgment here). Fill the jar with the sweet and salty snacks. Stick the black buttons vertically underneath each other on the jar. Lastly, fold the red felt around the neck of the Mason jar. Add a gift tag of your choice and voila!

The reindeer is my personal favourite one. You’ll need brown pipe cleaners, a red pom pom for the nose, googly eyes, and round chocolate candy of your choice (shortbread is always a good choice). Fill the jar with the delicious spheres. Stick the red pom pom on the jar; stick the googly eyes over the red nose. Then lastly fold the pipe cleaners to look like antlers and stick to the lid of the jar.

Add any gift tags of your choice, or make your own. The possibilities are endless with these ideas.

Last but not least is the gift basket idea. Nowadays you don’t even have to spend time collecting things to make your basket. People have already chosen the best possible gifts to put in a basket for you.

One such basket is called the Boxed Treats. This basket is exactly what it promises; it’s filled with the most delicious sweet and savory treats you can imagine. This gift is something that anybody will love!

Nine delicious things make up this perfect Christmas gift in one.

  • Baylies Gourmet Crackers with Sesame Seeds 130g
  • Charlie’s Traditional Lemon Mini Melting Moments 50g
  • Fudge by Rich Chocolate & Walnut 160g
  • Ogilvie Mixed Olives and Roasted Peppers Antipasto 125g
  • Ogilvie Caramel Onion and Balsamic Relish 135g
  • Port Willunga Salted Pistachios 100g
  • Maggie Beer Quince Paste 100g
  • Rinaldi Artisan Crafted Soft Honey Nougat with Macadamias 86g

All of these scrumptious products are beautifully presented in a gorgeous gift basket, ribbon, tissue paper and gift card. I’m definitely putting this on my NEED list for Christmas.

You can find inspiration from all over. By observing the people you love, taking time and searching on the internet, and using your imagination.

I hope this post has inspired you to get busy, my Christmas supper is finally settling, and the festive season is just around the corner!

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