Christmas Gift Ideas for Her

Christmas Gift Ideas for Her

Women look forward to the Christmas holidays because it is another time of the year when families get together, friends reunite, and lovers become more intimate. They see these holidays as the days when it would have to be a little more special than last year’s.

Have you decided on what would be the best gift for your wife or your girlfriend? Women are actually easy to please for as long as their men are being thoughtful and would consider their thoughts and feelings before making a move.

Private Dinner

While men love socialisation, women love intimacy. Are you considering having an alone time with her with the children staying over at your mum’s? The date wouldn’t necessarily have to be at a high-rise hotel. You can set up the house so it would look romantic and intimate. Replace the lighting with candles and shower her path with some petals of blooms.

Christmas Ideas for Her- Private Dinner

Surprise her by preparing your meals yourself or having someone prepare them for you and her. Buy wines or bottles of champagne. Consider her likes or dislikes though. See if she is someone who prefers getting cosy with a cup of tea or with a glass of wine in her hand. Any woman appreciates a romantic, private dinner with just the love of her life sitting at the table with her.


Another way you can make a Christmas night intimate for her is by spending it at a spa. Some spas have a couple room where you and her could give each other a massage and relax. These spas also open an option wherein the couple would each get a massage in the same room and have an alone time afterwards.

Christmas Ideas for Her- Spa

If you are not feeling like spending the day at a spa, you may also opt to set up your home to look like a spa. Give her a massage, and spend the rest of the night in a dim room with a glass of good wine for her and a mug of beer for yourself alongside some good food you made together.

Clothing and Bags

Know the sizes of your lady or buy something that would not make you have to memorise her sizes. Women use different ornaments on their clothes or their hair according to the occasion and the place they are going to go to. If you are meaning to bring her to a luxury hotel, consider gifting her a shawl. You may also gift her some hair ornaments she could use for when you have a special occasion to attend to.

Christmas Ideas for Her- Clothing and Bags

Women consider bags as part of their attire. They usually change their bag if it would not match or complement the color of the clothes they are wearing. Look at her collection of bags and wallets. Which colour is she missing? When you buy her a wallet or a bag for a Christmas present, consider buying it in the color which she has yet to have in her wardrobe.


Many women like to create new stuff. They also take pride in their work. If your woman is someone who does handicrafts on her free time, consider gifting her a set which she could add to her collection. If she’s someone who likes to make her own clothes, buy her beautiful fabrics and special threads and laces. If she likes re-purposing used items, gift her something she could use as an inspiration to her work. If not, then something that would help her do things easier, such as a sewing machine.

Christmas Ideas for Her- Handcraft

Skincare and Makeup

Women are more conscious about the health of their skin than men. They see the benefit of having beautiful skin. They are also attracted to men who have beautiful skin, because as many say, good skin means good health.

You won’t have to worry about knowing which products to gift her. Seek help from the skin consultant present at the shop you chose. Ask for which set helps moisturise the skin. Skin only needs nourishment and moisture. Anything that helps balance the moisture is good for any skin types.

Christmas Ideas for Her- Skincare and Makeup

If you want to gift her makeup, opt for a set. Gift sets often have particular items in a travel pack size. She’d appreciate it just as well since she could carry the set with smaller items when you go on a holiday outside town.

Holiday Away

Invite your wife to go on a holiday out of town with you and your children. If you don’t have children yet, tell her to treat it as it is another round of honeymoon for the two of you. People love going on a holiday. Go to a place you both have never been to before. Take it as an opportunity for the two of you to try new adventurous sports.

Christmas Ideas for Her- Holiday


Another way you can spice up your relationship and be intimate with your lady is by dancing with her. Find a pub where the two of you can dance without having to mind other people. You can also try a rowdy place where dancing is considered normal. Opt for quieter places instead of noisy nightclubs where you could barely hear one another.

Christmas Ideas for Her- Dancing

Home Remodelling

If you are good with repairing and reconstructing old furniture and creating new furniture, send your wife and children back to your wife’s family. While they are away, remodel the house to become your wife and children’s dream home. Make it so she would never want to be somewhere else. Be particular, especially with the kitchen. This could be the best gift to a woman ever!

Christmas Ideas for Her- Home Remodelling

Sparkly Things

While not all women are into sparkly jewellery, all women appreciate it as long as it’s something her man gave her. Observe whether she’s more of a pearl wearer, a precious stone (colourful stones) wearer, or a diamond lover. When you have saved enough, buy her a necklace, a pair of earring, a ring, or a diamond-studded watch.

Christmas Ideas for Her- Sparkling

What Comes to Mind

In the same way men would love anything their women give them, women would appreciate the things their men give them as long as there is a grain of thought put into it. Just as the old saying goes: It’s the thought that counts. Women would appreciate receiving a massage coupon which could be used to make the husband massage her.

Even though there is some quirkiness to it, women would be willing to participate in it if it would increase the level of intimacy and happiness between her and her man. Observe her actions and words, and be creative with your gift. Be thoughtful with your words and actions. You’d surely make her fall for you all over again.


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