How to Choose a Property Staging Service

How to Choose a Property Staging Service

In this cut-throat property market, it is imperative for any seller to employ as many strategies as possible to stand out from the crowd and beat the competition. Home staging is becoming a popular option to enable one to get a quick sale. Home staging gives customers a visual representation of the home and makes them ‘mentally attached’ to the house. This makes the home much easier to market especially for buyers who start their search online. Home staging enables you to uncover the full potential of the home and hence bag the highest possible price.

Although home staging is essential, it is only effective if done correctly. Inexperienced home stagers often make mistakes that are off-putting to potential buyers and hence lose out on opportunities to close deals. Such mistakes include using non-neutral palettes and not utilising the space of the property well. While these errors can be attributed to the staging company, the homeowner can also carry out the necessary steps to hire the best home staging company. We shall discuss mistakes owners make in home staging and finally how to correctly to choose a property staging service.

The most common mistake made by owners when selecting property staging services is focusing on the price. Some owners go for the cheapest option and go that direction. This can be a costly mistake as saving a few hundred dollars in fees and getting bad advice, and an unattractive set up will cost you thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars in potential value of the house.

Another mistake often made is getting a stager without looking at a website or portfolio. How then can you know how good/bad the stager is? If you can find a property stager has no online presence, you then have to question how earnest they are in their work.

Now that the two main mistakes often made by owners when choosing home stagers are clear, the following is what you should look for when choosing a home staging service.

To begin with, an important feature of a good property staging company is that they have hands-on involvement in the staging process. They are not bystanders, whose only role is to arrange furniture and leave. The best property stagers will even help you shop for or rent the best furniture at best possible deal. They will give you consultancy services that will help you make the most out of the staging and home-selling process and hence provide you with value for your money. Once you have closed the deal, such companies with a hands-on approach will come and collect their furniture and do all the heavy lifting. They are quite a pleasure to work with. It is also vital that they should guarantee the performance of all its Property styling. 

Next, it is important to select a team of people with professional in-house stylists. Many staging services have ‘stagers’ who are not trained in interior design and décor. Automatically working with such companies will yield less than optimum results. It is ideal to hire a staging company that has people who know how to accentuate the best features of your house while playing down any undesirable ones. People trained in the art of home décor know how to meticulously bring together furniture to enhance the characteristics of the house and appeal to prospective buyers.

The last element one must look for in a team of stagers is timing and precision. In business, time is of the essence. Efficient property stagers will be precise and timely. They set up the house on time, and after a deal has been reached, they clear the property if need be. They also ensure that your house is clutter free and not damaged during the staging process. In short, they display a high degree of professionalism and general enthusiasm for their work.

Now that you are aware of all the do’s and don’ts when searching for an appropriate staging partner, you are sure to maximise your property’s sale potential. All the best selling your property!

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