Celebrate Spring Weddings with These Hampers

Picking an engagement gift, or indeed one for the couple on the actual wedding day, is a brutal affair. You have to go through a ton of friendship photos, look through their social media like some sort of new age stalker; all this just to get a feel for what they like. It is even worse if you have been invited to the wedding as a plus one, or this is a friend you have not been in contact with for a while. This is where gift baskets come in handy.

The way they are set up, they have a little bit if everything which makes them ideal for opening and sharing the sunshine with friends and family. They are also very light on the pocket; in most cases, a properly done gift basket will cost you between $90 and $400. This is entirely dependent on the contents, the packaging, and the amount of work that went into putting the gift basket together. It could also depend on whether you have asked for any extras, or whether this is a special order hamper with specifically requested items; those tend to cost more.

Most weddings are scheduled for spring, since this is the season of rebirth and love. Here are a few hamper options to choose from when looking for a decent wedding gift baskets:

The Heavenly Home from Gourmet Basket

This is a well put together gift basket that will have the happy couple ecstatic. The main item is the Diffuser Elixir from the renowned Aromatherapy Company Smith and Co. This is blended with lemon peels, with hints of cypress and lavender, which make it perfect for a calming evening for the love birds. It creates a balancing atmosphere that is meant to relax and bring harmony to the two. The blend has a unique green aroma as the base, which is then complimented with floral notes to create the perfect unwinding elixir. To top it all off, it comes with a 750ml bottle of 2013 Shiraz from D’Arenberg which the couple can enjoy while watching an intimate sunset. As extras, you get a Mini Me entertaining gift pack from Random Harvest that contains a Kalamata and roasted garlic tapenade, fireball chilli mustard, and a lemon and garlic flavoured dill dressing. Like all their gift baskets, all this is presented in a stylish gift box with a card where your heartfelt messages of love would be conveyed.

Wedding Anniversary Gift Baskets

The refresh and Renew Pamper hamper from Byron Bay Gifts

Just like the name suggests, this is a hamper that is meant to go with the theme of marriage, which is creating a newer and fresher union between two people. It comes with a trademark Byron Bay Candle which create a lovely aroma for up to 50 hours of burn. The happy couple gets a bottle of Byron Bay rose oil which they can enjoy in a relaxing bath as a couple. The beauty of this rose oil is that it can be used directly as a body oil as well. There is an organic body wash from Sanctum Body Spa included which has Aloe Vera and extract of seaweed which will keep the couple’s skin looking fresh.

Since this is a pamper hamper, it also comes with an exfoliating coffee scrub from Summer Love which the couple can enjoy on those lazy Fridays where they can pamper themselves. It also has a natural soap that has lemon myrtle infused and a lip balm that has organic coconut oil and beeswax that will leave their lips supple and moisturised.

The red wine congratulations hamper.

This is the perfect way to say congratulations on your big day. It comes with a 750 ml bottle of Shiraz Grenache Mataro from Penfolds Bin which the couple will enjoy in the Riedel Ouverture wine glassed that are included. The Ouverture glasses are a collection of non-varietal specific glassware that will enhance the couple’s wine drinking experience. For a small fee, you can upgrade the bottle available to a selection of champagne, including a Moet et Chandon NV, the Veuve NV, and the Piper Heideseck NV rosage. You also get an indulgence box that contains an assortment of snacks including sublime lime, lemon macadamia, cappuccino, pure dark, strawberry delice, and milk encore.

Pop the Champagne from The Complete Basket Case

Every big occasion deserves a bottle of champagne. This hamper comes with a 750 ml bottle of Veuve Clicquot that is paired with an edible arrangement made up of 8 Ferrero Rocher chocolates and 8 milk stars from Chocolate Gems who are one of the most well-known Aussie chocolatiers. All this is packaged in a high-quality ice bucket made of stainless steel which the happy couple can use for other special occasions including anniversaries and birthdays. There is a gift card attached where you can pen all your sentiments and good wishes towards the newlyweds as well.

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