Tips for Choosing Your New Oil Centrifuge

Oil Centrifuge

To avoid wastage of oil that’s still usable, an oil centrifuge is highly recommended. The main aim of the centrifuge is to clean the oil in your machinery, enhancing quality operation. Below are some tips that will guide you through choosing a new oil centrifuge…

The Requirements for a Commercial Water Filtration Plant

Commercial Water Filtration

Are you considering setting up a commercial water purification plant? Whether you’re planning to use your system to produce drinking water or for other industrial purposes, there are some fundamental things you must put in place to get going. For which you want to set…

5 Things to know about water filter pitchers

water filter pitcher

Most people expect water from their kitchen faucet to be clean, but it may contain contaminants in it, some of which are disease-causing. This explains why nearly half of the American population who consume tap water at home prefer to filter or boil it before…

A Guide to Underground Concrete Tanks

underground tanks

The climate here in Australia makes the nation vulnerable to periods of drought and water shortage. Hence, every home must make it a huge priority to be prepared. Water shortages equally affect both those that reside in isolated, rural areas and also those in busy…

What’s special about the new models of centrifuges


Since the invention of the first dairy centrifuge in 1864, industrial centrifuges have seen a lot of developments. The separation process has been refined, and the results are unparalleled. The multi-billion oil industry is a huge beneficiary of centrifuge technology. The separation of the different…

Industrial use of Coolant Filtration Systems

Coolant filtration system

The maintenance of industrial machines is as essential, because machines can only last longer and work more effectively if they are in the right condition. The need to keep these machines well-aerated at low cost is what led to the introduction of the coolant systems….

Manual Versus Automatic Centrifuges

diesel centrifuge

A centrifuge is a mechanical device that is used to generate centrifugal force. The device is normally spun radially on a fixed central axis and forces are generated to act on the contents of the device. This action can generate Centrifugal force, Centripetal Force or…

What is Wastewater in an Industrial Context?

Industrial wastewater treatment

Wastewater is any water effluent that has been contaminated directly or indirectly by human activity. It could be generated as a result of domestic, agricultural, commercial or industrial use. Management of wastewater has been a challenge humans have had to face for centuries. Traditional societies…

When Fully Automatic Centrifuges Are Best

  Conventional centrifugation with a manual or semi-automatic centrifuge can be tedious and time consuming. Essentially, an operator must load samples into the rotor, accelerate the rotor, run the machine for the specific period, and ultimately, unload the machine.