How Would You Choose Contact Lenses?

Contact Lens and lens kit

Now, you can get rid of your heavy eyeglasses and choose the best contact lenses. You need to consult your eye doctor because you have to consider various things like reflective errors and usage of your lenses. If you have sensitive eyes, then you cannot…

How to Choose the Right Serum for Your Skin Type

Skincare serums have stirred up quite a storm among beauty gurus and skincare experts. Some swear by the miraculous results achieved with serums, and others believe they’re unnecessary. And then, on the other side of the clashing opinions, there’s you. You’ve tried to fight it….

How to Take Care of Your Hair in Winter

How to Take Care of Your Hair in Winter

As the cold season is slowly approaching, it is the perfect time to get to know how you will care for your hair without risking bad hair days that lead to long saloon bills when your try to bring some life to your brittle hair….

Why Makeup Extremes Are in for Winter 2020 – Little or Lots of Makeup

As we head into winter we’re seeing something interesting happening in the makeup world – on Instagram, off-duty models, and even on the runway. While some influencers are headed out with a full face on, others are keeping the no-makeup makeup look, with just a…

Finding the Perfect Venue

Finding the Perfect Venue

The wedding venue is a canvas where love stories get happy endings. Your wedding can be an intimate gathering in a pleasant restaurant, or the stunning ballroom, or maybe a trendy art gallery. You can also have a big beautiful outdoor wedding on the beach,…

The Best Foundation Application Tricks of The Trade

The Best Foundation Application Tricks of The Trade

Foundation can be a scary thing for those who haven’t used it. From choosing the correct shade, the tools used to apply it and how to apply it. All these things can leave anyone’s head spinning. Do not worry though, we’re here to give you…

Hairstyles to Try This Spring


Winter is done and dusted (thank god) and it’s time to put a spring in your step and step outside for some fun in the field. Spring is a time for growth and new beginnings. Like the change of seasons, you too might be in…

Summer Hair Styles to Try This Year

summer hair style

The cold is gone, and the sun is out. Time to let your hair down and tease it with the summer breeze. Aussie styles in 2018 are influenced by trends from around the world, seeing as they had their summer fun a few months before…

Hairstyling Trends to Try

Are you sick of the same old look? 2018 has seen some outrageous and not so outrageous hairstyles and trends come back into fashion and most of them are quite easy to achieve on your own or the help of your hairdressers. Some old favourites…

Do You Really Need a Primer?


So, I have a confession to make. My current guilty pleasure is watching makeup tutorial after makeup tutorial on YouTube. I watch them all. From SFX looks, to using only children’s makeup, to doing your makeup backwards, to looks doing a cut crease for hooded…