Benefits of Aftermarket Parts vs. OEM Parts

Aftermarket Parts

It’s common knowledge that vehicles need maintenance; especially when they begin to malfunction or even breakdown. When they do, they almost always need to have certain of their parts replaced in order to run properly again.

But there are two main types of parts that a mechanic or individual buyer may obtain: these are OEM and aftermarket parts. This article will explore the differences between the two and why buying aftermarket is essentially a better option.

What are OEM Parts?

OEM is known as, Original Equipment Manufacturer; meaning that these pieces are made by the companies that originally sold the vehicles. These come directly from Toyota, Isuzu, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, etc.  When one takes their vehicle for repair at a dealership, OEM parts will be used to replace any old or damaged ones.

What are Aftermarket Parts?

When it comes to aftermarket parts, they are made for a vehicle by a company other than the vehicle’s original maker. These parts are those you will commonly see bought and used at independent mechanic shops, rather than at a dealer. There are many brands that may therefore make the same needed parts and quite a variety to choose from.

Pros of Aftermarket Parts


Aftermarket parts for trucks in Europe and elsewhere are significantly less expensive. Because of the wide range in selection, of course prices still may vary considerably, depending on the brand and quality of parts. But OEM parts generally tend to cost about 60% more- that’s a lot!


Because aftermarket companies have to reverse engineer parts to ensure they function at optimal level, some aftermarket parts are of even better quality than their original counterparts, believe it or not. Aftermarket part engineers test the pieces over and over to get rid of weaknesses, some of which may be found in the OEM parts.

Advantage of Competition

Additionally, there is more competition when it comes to aftermarket parts, with many companies making the very same ones. With more competition, buyers have a chance to get better quality for their money spent. But when buying directly from the original manufacturer, there is only one offered piece with one set price. Conversely, an aftermarket parts manufacturer may choose to make slight differences; for example, sacrificing a noisier brake part to achieve better functionality. You can therefore better decide your preferences as a buyer with aftermarket parts.

Aftermarket is Worth the Effort

It may take a bit more effort to buy aftermarket parts because choosing the right one isn’t as simple as just ordering the correct part required for your repair. However, you can save money, get better quality for the price, and even have a chance at getting a better part than the original.

Lately, aftermarket parts are gaining more popularity as knowledge spreads that their makers may be actually using better technology or materials.  You just need to do some research or ask the experts, like mechanics, to help you decide on the best maker of the parts you need and you should end up more satisfied with your purchases.

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