Before Buying A Wardrobe Keep These Tips in Mind

There are three main reasons you’d be in the market for Custom wardrobes in Sydney. One, you’re building a home, so you’re designing storage solutions from scratch. Two, you’ve just moved in, but the wardrobes are inadequate. (Too small, too few, or designed in a style you dislike.) Three, you’re refurbishing,and the wardrobes are too old to function. Maybe they’re just outdated. Either way, you need to do some shopping.

If it’s anything above $5,000, get it in writing. You should ensure you have a valid contract. Whomever you end up buying from, make sure they’re a licensed company, and that you’ve checked their background. Betta Wardrobes has been around for nearly half a century, and we can direct you to lots of happy customers if you’d like testimonials.

It’s always helpful to look at different brands and compare prices. Yes, you want the best deal, but you also want a ball-park figure of what to expect. That way, if someone quotes too high or too low, you can peruse their product and see what the catch is. Read up on industry terms. This way, you won’t be completely lost in the jargon.

Ask them how thick the wardrobe panels are. Good quality panels are at least 25mm thick. Also, custom wardrobes are heavy and bulky, especially if they’re pre-assembled. So make sure you’ve considered how your purchase will get to your house. Many offer delivery services, but you want to double-check their terms and conditions. Is there an extra fee to reach your venue?And are their deliveries punctual or should you take the day off and wait for them?

Find out whether their wardrobe doors will arrive the same day. Many furniture shops use different suppliers for walls, floors, doors, and finishes. It’s even more likely if they offer speciality doors e.g. sliding, mirrored, stencilled, or carved. We make our own doors, so you’ll receive them with the rest of your wardrobe, and we’ll install at your convenience. Our fitters are licensed and well-trained, and every product has a 15-year warranty.

Many customers shop online, for convenience. And it’s certainly a good starting point. But as you shortlist suppliers, ensure they have a physical store or showroom you can get to. This makes delivery easier, but it also allows you to inspect the merchandise ahead of time. There are certain things (like texture and actual condition) that you can’t verify on a website. Fortunately, our ten Betta Wardrobes showrooms are within your reach, so feel free to pass by, anytime.

To find the right wardrobe for your needs, call Betta Wardrobes today on  02 9525 7055.

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