Beefeater BBQ

It’s that time of year to open up a grill and flip some patties and enjoy some good sun with the family. We’re going to explore the best options available in Beefeater grills for large families.

When looking for a new grill there are a few considerations one needs to keep in mind:



Grills may be categorized by their portability. In this case there are mobile grills and built in grills. As one would expect, mobile grills are mounted on wheels and therefore are portable. Built in grills are fixed on to structures such as a section of your kitchen counter. There is no specification which is absolutely better with regards to a large family. This entirely depends on the flexibility you require. Another point to note is that the mobile grills may come with racks that may be used for dishes and utensils. They may also contain cabinets to provide more space for your utensils.



Beefeater grills typically use either one of two fuels: charcoal and gas. The main considerations here are taste, health implications and ease of use and cleaning. With regards to taste, charcoals grills are considered superior due to the smoke – like taste that the charcoal provides during cooking. In terms of ease of use, gas grills are much better. They offer convenience as well as easy control. They are relatively easy to light up and take a much shorter time to heat up. Furthermore, charcoal grills suffer much larger charcoal deposits as well as soot. Making it harder to clean. Gas grills just need the occasional clean-up every few months. As for health implications, charcoal grills are generally unhealthier. This is because charcoal – grilled meats have been found to have larger amounts of carcinogenic (cancer – causing) substances.



This may vary anywhere in number from 2 burners to 6 burners. The ideal number is dependent on how many members are being cooked for. For bigger families you will require grills with more burners. Perhaps the best fit for a considerably large family would be 4 burners.



Beefeater BBQ



Generally, grills come in three types of finishes: porcelain enamel, stainless steel and cast iron. Beefeater grills come in either stainless steel or porcelain enamel. Neither material has a bearing on the taste of the food nor the grill’s ability to cook. However, porcelain enamel grills maintain a clean look better than stainless steel grills.



Now that we know which main properties one should consider when purchasing a grill, we can decide on which Beefeater grills are best for a large family.



You may be on a budget and are wondering which grill is best for this. This is perhaps the built – in burner that offers best value for money for anyone looking for a grill. The grill is relatively cheap and is enamel coated. The grill has an in – built thermometer as well as a warming rack for temperature maintenance. The grill also comes with a rust resistant cooking surface as well as vaporizer grid alongside a reflector with anti – flare technology. This reduces heat loss and promotes fuel economy through the reduced consumption of fuel.  This model also comes in a 5 – burner version.




If you’re looking for something a bit more convenient as well as easier to work with then the Beefeater Signature SL4000 5 Burner Mobile BBQ. This model has a lot of similarities as the Beefeater Signature 3000E 4 Burner Built in. This model contains an integrated convection roasting hood with a temperature gauge as well as a warming rack. The cooktop, however, is made from stainless steel that is generally resistant to corrosion and much easier to maintain. The model also comes with a side burner which would be ideal for making smaller meals such as some fries or making some sauce. This model also comes with carts as well as a mini – cabinet to store ingredients as well as cooking supplies. This model also comes in a 5 – burner version.


All in all, remember that the choice of grill entirely depends on personal matters such as the taste required, flexibility required to conducting cooking efficiently and ultimately the budget you’re working with.  Be sure to carefully examine the models suggested in order to come up with the best choice for you.


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