Banner Design Errors

Banner Design Error

Banners are a great way to attract customers to your business, these simple advertising tools are more affordable than some marketing materials which is great if you are business on a budget. Just as with using ANY promotional tools it’s important that you don’t make any mistakes – it could hinder your banners effectiveness and may drive your customers away, rather than bring them in.

You don’t want your banners and your business to become a laughing stock so avoid these designing mess-ups!

Poor Translation

If you do live in a multicultural area you want to expand your customer base, and one way to do this is to draw the interest of those in the area. Before you start creating a banner in a different language make sure that your message isn’t a *poor translation*. Not only will you become the butt of jokes, you may also end up offending the very customers you are trying to attract.

Don’t rely on online translation tools, they may not be 100% accurate, instead hire or talk to a certified translator or a speaker of that language.

Forgetting to Conduct a Proper Spelling and Grammar Check

Nothing is more embarrassing than having promotional materials or banners that are grammatically incorrect. While a good banner maker will provide you with proofs before printing. They will try and pick up potentially embarrassing information or spelling errors before printing, but it’s easy to overlook mistakes. Have someone who is completely independent look over your artwork and check for any mistakes.

 Don’t Include Your Photo in Your Banners

NEVER make the mistake of adding YOUR photo to any banners or promotional material ever. It’s really NOT as appealing as you may think it is, some people might even mistake you for a person running for local council elections! If you want people to take your banner seriously and you want to protect yourself from the bored passer by – the one blacking out your teeth or drawing a mustache it’s never wise to include a photo of yourself in your banner.

Failing to Get Other People’s Opinions

What may appeal to you, may not appeal to other people, different people have different likes and dislikes and it’s a huge mistake to just send your banner design off to the printer without asking friends, family or staff to take a look. By showing your designs to others and asking for their input you may be able to identify some design flaws you had overlooked.

Don’t Print the Banners on Your Own

While you may have heard that banners are relatively quick and easy to make – that doesn’t mean that you should print them out. You want to make sure your banners are well designed and have been printed out properly using high-quality materials, including inks, good quality graphics and top quality vinyls. You do not want to end up with a poor-quality banner that looks like something that has been designed and printed on your home PC

Don’t let your banners become the butt of jokes, and don’t let a bad banner ruin your business. You need to have your banner designed and printed by the best – professional banners are the only way to go, especially if you are just starting out – first impressions count, and if your first impression was a flop, it will be remembered as such for a long time. You want people to take you seriously. Make an impact, but don’t make it the wrong one!

To get the best possible service – and banner – make sure your banner maker is experienced. Find out how long they have been in business, do they have experienced staff and do they make banners full-time, or is this just a sideline they offer customers.

Banners come in a range of shapes and sizes and this is one of the reasons they have remained a valuable and important marketing tool for businesses for years. It’s important that the banner company you choose can provide you with a range of products and options to choose from. By having a range of banners on offer it will be easier for you to decide which is the right type of banner for you – which is the one that suits your business and marketing campaign the best.

Whether you are a start-up business, or you have been in business for years you want to get value for your money, cheaper isn’t always better – if the quality of your banner is poor it can break or tear easily, by paying a little more for printing you can be sure your banners will last for a longer time and will provide you with a better return on your investment.

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