Aftermarket Parts for European Trucks: Clutch Kit Components

Clutch Kit Components

The clutch is an essential component of all trucks, regardless of brand or model.  This system allows your wheels to safely disconnect from the truck’s engine for a smooth, controllable stop.  A fully operational clutch, working as the midpoint between your engine and the gears in your vehicle, is crucial for ease of driving. Aftermarket parts for European trucks are useful when a repair or upgrade is necessary.

When to Use a Clutch Kit

It is often easy to spot when a new clutch kit may be necessary, or when you may need such aftermarket parts for European trucks.  Damaged or faulty clutches can lead to excessive vibration, as well as noise and disruption during normal driving.  A defective clutch kit will impact your ability to change gears, as well as to achieve maximum acceleration.

The quickest way to spot clutch problems is if your truck struggles to respond to everyday commands.  You should not need to change a clutch kit often, however, the harder you drive, the quicker your kit is likely to deteriorate.

Clutch kits can also burn out or develop faults the longer you drive, too.  It is therefore worthwhile consulting with a clutch expert for advice on when you are due to switch out.


Aftermarket Parts for European Trucks and Clutch Kit Components

Clutch kits for European trucks include components such as clutch plates, release bearings, flywheels, pressure plates and fastenings to keep all parts in place.  When repairing a truck’s clutch kit, you must make a full replacement of all parts included.


Clutch Plates and Discs

The clutch plate or clutch disc is extremely robust.  It fits between the flywheel and pressure plate to ensure a truck’s manual controls and engine communicate correctly.  It is this part of a clutch which can wear out quickly.  That is because it is continuously engaged whenever the clutch is in use.  These plates communicate with a truck’s gearbox.


Pressure Plates and Friction Plates

When you engage your clutch, the pressure plate will press the clutch and friction plates together.  This will help to build the link between your engine and your gearbox.  Friction plates, meanwhile, are self-explanatory.  They generate friction between the moving parts, allowing the clutch plate to ‘rev’.  They come lined for smooth engagement.



A flywheel is an important part which holds the pressure plate in place.  These plates are bolted directly onto flywheels for perfect stability.


Release Bearings

When you release your clutch, release bearings will engage with the central clutch mechanism.  That will allow the system to release carefully, and for the pressure plate to smoothly move aside.  This is crucial for ease of gear change.


Why Clutch Kits are Important

Clutch kits are crucial aftermarket parts for European trucks.  Without a working clutch kit, you are at risk of not only causing damage to your vehicle but of losing control of your truck.  Therefore, be sure to purchase a full kit for your truck make or model as soon as problems arise.


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