A Close Look at Our Charcoal BBQ Options

A Close Look at Our Charcoal BBQ Options

Summer is here once again, and it is time to turn your mind to one of Australia’s favourite past times. That’s right; it’s BBQ season! Therefore, one cannot do it in half measures. If you want to get the full experience, the best place to begin is your equipment. A good grill will help you create memorable dishes at every turn.

Not every BBQ is the same. Various models with varying specifications are available, including fuel sources, capacity and unique features. However, the most popular type is a charcoal BBQ. These grills represent the original method of cooking food using firewood in specially constructed cooking pits. More improvements were made to the equipment by using emerging technologies to drive new designs with time. Thanks to simple yet significant enhancements like adding an ash pan, fortunately, using a charcoal BBQ today is not as messy as it used to be.

Your choice of charcoal BBQ relies on the combination of specifications that suit you best. Once you have examined them and established a baseline, you can then turn to the model options listed below to make a final selection.

Kettle Type Grills

Because they are the first product the company produced, Weber Kettle BBQs are still their flagship model. The distinctive dome shape makes this grill easily recognisable while serving a crucial purpose. Additionally, based on the need for adequate ventilation, Weber grills all have in-built and rust-resistant venting systems.
Different models also have some features to set them apart from others. For example, the Weber Ranch is distinctively larger than any other kettle BBQ produced today. Consequently, it is packed with features like ten aluminium drip pans for easier cleanup and four baskets to hold the charcoal so you can cook more food at once. Alternatively, you may prefer the Weber Performer Premium, which conveniently comes with an attached work surface ideal for all your prep work.
All Weber kettle BBQs have one thing in common: the ash catcher is standard on every model. This addition allows for effortless cleanup. You simply slide the cleaning vent, which pushes the accumulated ash and detritus into the ash catcher. Next, detach the catcher, empty and clean it, and then put it back, and you are done.


For fans of low and slow cooking, Weber offers a variety of charcoal BBQs that double up as smokers. In particular, models in the Smokey Mountain series are designed to mimic traditional smoking pits where you dig a hole, fill it with smouldering coal, and then suspend your meat above it. Now, you can get right down to smoking your meat with assurances of getting the same results.

Weber smokers have a distinctive cylindrical shape to facilitate better grilling outcomes. This feature is significant because food placed within the elongated body has more surface area exposed to the smoke. Therefore, you are more likely to get consistent results. In addition, these grills have built-in thermometers, and insulated glass handles as a bonus to prevent burn injuries.

Portable Grills

When you want to enjoy your BBQ in a different setting, look to the range of Weber mobile units to meet your needs. For example, there is the Weber Go-Anywhere. Its legs fold inward to facilitate easier pickup and carry. Additionally, its cooking plate is chrome plated for better heat distribution and faster cleaning.

No matter your needs and preferences, you will always find the perfect charcoal BBQ within the Weber range of products. So go to your local heating store and get started on the path to fulfilling your barbecue dreams.

About the Author: Sifat Anonta

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