A Close Look at Our Lopi Heaters

A Close Look at Our Lopi Heaters

We have to agree there is no better way to spend a cold wintery night than in front of a beautiful fire that requires little to no effort on your end, from tending to the beautiful fire, minimal clean while still keeping your home feeling nice and cosy. These are some of the benefits you can enjoy with gas or freestanding wood heaters.

With the technological advancements that have taken place, the heating systems have not been left behind, and there are modern versions of gas heating systems. These have been designed to burn more realistically, having beautiful red ambers glowing in the night plus tall orange flames that will make you daydream as you stare into the fire. Thus, lets us explore some exciting heating systems you could get for your home.

The 1750I Inbuilt Wood Fireplace

Sometimes old is gold, and we have to agree that wood fireplaces bring a unique look and feel to your home. The beautiful smell from burning logs to the crackling of wood as it burns is something most of us look for in a fireplace. This type of built-in wood fireplace can offer you this and much more as it has a maximum burn time of up to 8 hours and comes in an optional fan. The fan helps in the proper circulation of warm air in the room. It weighs 172KG and can heat a capacity of about 200sqm.

A Cypress Freestanding Gas Fireplace

A wood fireplace offers its desirable features, but at times we are looking for convenience in the appliances that we get for our homes. And a gas fireplace can offer exactly this. The fireplace has been designed to have traditional log media, sculptured driftwood, or some pebbles. It has a large heating capacity of about 180Sqm and three panels built with ceramic glass. The glass is to offer you that incredible view of dancing flames while you enjoy the warmth. You could either have a top or rear vent and remember we mentioned convenience, thanks to its remote control feature.

The Linear Gas Fireplace 3615 HOGS2

If you are looking for a sleek and smaller design, then this is something to look at. It is a perfect heating system for the small rooms, but don’t be fooled; the fact that it comes in a small design doesn’t mean it cannot put out the needed heat to keep your home warm. It has a heating capacity of up to 158Sqm designed with ceramic glass to offer you those epic views while having increased radiant heat. It comes in three finish design to choose from either the black painted fire back, a black enamel that will immediately complement the beautiful dancing flames or a stainless steel finish to offer a sleek look to your home décor.

There are various heating options available for you to explore, either freestanding wood heaters to offer that aesthetic appeal or a gas option for the convenience it comes with. Whichever choice you make; these are great to keep your home warm during the cold months.

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