9 of the Coolest Car Accessories on the Market

Want to spruce up your car or give it a tricked-out look? Car accessories can help you do that. Aftermarket accessories instantly amplify the look and convenience of your car. The right mix will make your old car feel brand new.

But which car accessories should you choose?

Many of today’s hottest car accessories put high-tech functionalities at your fingertips. Think smartphone connectivity and head’s up displays. Yet, there are plenty of old-school cool accessories out there – like bull bars and light bars for your UTE – or seat covers for maximum comfort.

Which are the coolest available? From mobile hotspots to remote start apps, you can’t live without these nine ultra-cool car accessories.


9 of the Coolest Car Accessories on the Market


Mobile Hotspots

If your car serves as your mobile office, or you’d like to stay connected behind the wheel, consider installing a WiFi hotspot. Most major mobile providers offer units that can quickly be dash-mounted, and that tap into local WiFi and mobile networks. You’ll always have a WiFi signal if you’re within the provider’s coverage area

Smartphone Diagnostics

Whenever that dreaded “Check Engine” light comes on, you’ve got to drive down to the local shop to find out what’s the trouble. If you’re into DIY repairs, you need a smart diagnostics reader. Automatic produces an adapter that hooks up to your car’s computer. The adapter relays info right to your smartphone screen, including diagnostics reports, a parking locator, maintenance scheduling, live vehicle tracking and more.

Smartphone HUD

Accidents happen when your eyes stray from the road. A Head’s Up Display can help eliminate this problem. Essentially, a HUD projects data from your smartphone into your field of view. It appears the data is just floating out there in space, so whenever you get a text, no need to look down with a HUD system. Consider Navdy: A company that enables smartphone GPS to be projected into your sight lines.

Remote Start

Stepping into a steaming hot car in the dead of summer can take your breath away. With an aftermarket remote start system, though, you’ll never face that problem again. Numerous options are available. Some allow you to start your vehicle via a smartphone app, others provide you with a starter FOB. But however your remote starter functions, your car will always be the perfect temperature when you get behind the wheel.

Apple CarPlay & Android Auto

Most new cars have Apple CarPlay and Android Auto factory-installed. But you don’t have to buy new to get these super-cool features. Top car stereo manufacturers like Pioneer produce CarPlay and Android Auto adapters that replace your car’s existing stereos. These include small touchscreens that sync with your Apple or Android smartphone. You’ll have your favourite apps, contact data and more at your fingertips.

Light Bars, Nudge Bars and Bull Bars

People have been tricking out their trucks, SUVs and utes for decades. Yet, this trio of aftermarket accessories has stood the test of time. They’re as stylish now as they were when those were introduced all those years ago. All three enable ute or SUV drivers to give their rigs that rugged, aftermarket truck look. Consider a bull-bar/lightbar combo for that classic off-road truck look.

Boot Organizer

Who says staying organised isn’t super cool? This accessory might not deliver futuristic capabilities, but it’s useful, cheap and will prevent you from ever having to dig through your boot to find a pair of shoes or piece of gear. For about $20, you can get a super useful organiser and stop whatever’s in your boot from rattling around when you’re on the road.

Portable Starter Kit

Need a jumpstart in the middle of nowhere? Can’t find a mobile signal to call for a tow? If you travel into the backcountry regularly, invest in a mobile jumpstarting kit. These battery-powered starters can return life to a dead battery in minutes, and they’re super portable, fitting conveniently in the boot of your car.

Custom Ute Trays & Tool Boxes

If you use your car primarily for work, custom add-ons can turn your UTE or pick-up into the ultimate work rig. Aftermarket UTE tool boxes are one popular choice, which provide mobile storage right in the tub of your UTE. Or you can step it up and replace the factory-installed tub. This is great if you want to revive an old truck and give it a new look, or if you need more storage for all your gear.

Why settle for boring factory-installed equipment? If you aren’t planning on buying new anytime soon, these accessories can help to transform the look and capabilities of your vehicle.

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