7 Wedding Dresses That Will Make You Look Like A Runway Model

7 Wedding Dresses that Will Make You Look Like A Runway Model

In our Instagram and Pinterest laden lives, every girl knows the latest and ever-evolving fashion trends. Brides these days want to experiment with their wedding day looks.  Weddings are an extraordinary event in one’s life. And we want to make sure you look the best on your special day.

So, we have put together seven different wedding dresses that will make you look like a runway model.


1. The Strapless, Long Tail White Gown


The Strapless, Long Tail White Gown

This strapless white gown is a perfect blend of trendy and classy. The sweetheart neckline keeps things interesting, and the long volumized tail adds a princess touch to the bridal gown. The fabric is lightweight and breezy. This outfit is perfect for an outdoor wedding celebration.


2. White A-Line Number


White A-Line Number

This white A-line number, with see-through sleeves, and a boat neck looks sophisticated and gorgeous. For brides with a more mature sense of style, the plain white fabric and detailed sleeves are minimalistic. The silhouette of the dress hugs the body, making it even more flattering.


3. The Chic High-Low Ballgown


The Chic High-Low Ball gown

This high-low ballgown with a Victorian style bodice, intricately embellished with crystals breathes fresh air in the classic stream of wedding dresses. The fabric is flowy, and the hemline is tailored to provide volume. This dress looks pretty with strap heels.


4. Boho-Style Flowy Bridal Gown


Boho-Style Flowy Bridal Gown

This bridal gown has a huge volume skirt and a deep neckline with spaghetti straps. The fabric is detailed with embroidered crochet. The long tail keeps the whole look regal, and the waist hugging bodice flatters the silhouette perfectly.


5. Ruffled Wedding Gown


Ruffled Wedding Gown

The ruffled white skirt looks like you’ve stepped off a fairy tale! The huge ballgown volume and heaps of fabrics carefully tailored down the length of the gown can be pulled off by any body shape!


6.The Ivory Lace Gown


The Ivory Lace Gown

The lace bodice with full sleeves, deep V-neck down the waist featuring an A-line skirt looks beautiful with tiny embroidered flowers. The pearls on the upper arm add a wow factor to the outfit. This is the perfect evening reception dress.


7. The Mermaid Tail Gown


The Mermaid Tail Gown

The ivory silk mermaid gown with beaded straps for sleeves is an ultra-modern and stylish take on the bridal gowns. This wedding dress has a flared train hemline and a petite waist that gives off a very feminine vibe.


Doing some research before heading out of the boutique can make your choice easy. It’s better to start with knowing what you want. We hope this list of trendy wedding dresses that will make you look like a runway model will prove to be helpful when you go on a bridal dress hunt!


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