7 Options to Get Rid of A Double Chin

A double chin is caused by loose skin and excess fat on the neck, below the chin which gives that area the appearance of fullness, which is commonly called a *double chin*.

Today there are a few ways this problem can be tackled with some options not even requiring surgery which means there is little or no *downtime*.

Some procedures to consider


7 Options to get rid of a double chin


If you have good skin tightness and are under the age of 55 this is an excellent procedure. Think of it as Cool-Sculpting for the neck. This treatment requires no needles and no surgery. The treatment freezes the fat which can result in a 20 to 25% reduction in fat thickness. There can be some discomfort associated with this treatment as the fat is frozen and then massaged. There is no need to take time off work, but results aren’t instant, and it can take up to 3 months for your fat to dissipate and the skin to look tighter. Most people only require one treatment.


This is perfect for those with mild to moderate fat under the chin. For those who have a *turkey neck* or are obese, they should look at another option. This is a 20-minute non-surgical procedure that does involve many small injections. The Dr creates a grid of dots under the chin targeting the fat and then performs multiple injections all in one session, the treatment melts fat slowly, which means the fat won’t enter into the patients’ bloodstream. Some patients may feel some mild stinging or burning. There is no downtime, but there could be redness, some swelling or bruising that can last for up to a week. Once the fat melts away patients will notice the change. Patients may need 3 to 6 treatments and should expect to have at least 2 to 4 treatments performed.


Perfect for those who don’t need fat reduction, but who do need to tighten loose skin. The good news is – there are no needles, no need for surgery and no pain! During the 10 minute procedure you feel like a warm wand is being rubbed over the skin. Infrared light stimulates your elastin and collagen. There is no down time, perhaps a touch of redness that day, but after 2 weeks you will notice the difference. A treatment can last for up to 6 months.


This is great for anyone with a lot of fat and a loss of jaw definition. This is a simple 15-minute procedure that eliminates fat and tightens the skin, you may find some discomfort due to suctioning and pinching during the session. Some patients can experience some redness and bruising that can last up to 10 days. You will need up to 4 treatments but the chin will continue to tighten for up to 6 months, by the end of the first month you should see improvement.


Perfect for those who don’t want the pain involved with a procedure, or who are looking for a cheaper alternative. Great for those with a mild double chin, these creams will not remove or help with a *waddle*. Creams can cost anywhere from $20.00 to a few hundred dollars and may work for a few hours each day. No skin tightening creams will melt away fat.


This is a newer way to remove a double chin. Because the laser fibre is small it liquifies the neck fat with tubes used to remove this excess fat. The heat caused by the laser can also cause the chin skin to contract and tighten. This has made removal of a double chin possible, with many people no longer requiring a neck lift.


Recommended for older patients who have a double chin and significant sagging or lose neck skin that is visible. In a neck lift the fat that is causing the double chin is removed and sagging neck muscles are tightened. Loose skin is removed from behind the ear.

There can be bruising to the neck after both procedures while others experience little or no bruising at all. You will need to wear a compression garment for a week, that covers your chin, head and neck. It can take 10 to 14 days for the bruising to go away but in the first week, you can use makeup to cover this up. The surgery isnt painful but you may find tightness and discomfort while wearing the pressure garment.

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