5 Tips to Brighten Your Living Room

Living Room Tips

Does your living room look like a cave and feel oppressive? It is time to add some sparkle and luxury to your interior spaces. Here are the top 5 tips and tricks to transform your dull and lifeless house into a charming place full of comfort and tranquillity. A beautiful home is essential for a relaxed and calm spirit.


1.Introduce Sparkling Objects

Did you know that reflective surfaces could transform a plain-looking living room? Items such as chandeliers, Baccarat crystal objects, floor and table lamps, a cut glass, candy dish, mirrors, and trays will add light to your space, and make it livelier than before. The brightness, cleanliness, and sharpness also make the room appear larger. 

Some sparkling objects, such as glass-topped tables, furnishings, glass collectibles, and pebbles also come in handy. Every time you draw your curtains, natural light shines on these shiny items and reflect the same exuberance in the house. While too many light fixtures may lead to an increased power bill, they are worth the investment. 

2.Bring an Organic Plant

Potted plants are naturally colourful and come with varying texture, not to mention some aroma. House plants and flowers are great to purify the air naturally. They take in carbon dioxide and are handy to get rid of synthetic fumes, chemicals, stale food smells, and other impurities in the air. Is there a better way to brighten up your living room while bringing nature indoors? 

Modern houseplants are less hands-on. They come with additives in the soil to retain water for longer. Some have miniature water reservoirs to make your work easier. Some of the common plant varieties that can transform your house are Chinese evergreen, snake plant, pothos, spider plant, and English ivy.


3.Use some paint

Painting your walls with a bright colour or combination of colours is a great idea because it works all the time. Repainting the walls and ceiling conceals, scratches and drawings made by young children and pets. Ensure that you repair the cracks, dents, and holes before you repaint. If you are an experienced handyman, let your creativity guide you. 

You can use DIY guides to paint patterns on a plain wall. Alternatively, make paintings on canvas or paper separately and arrange them tastefully on the wall. The right wall paint will accentuate the home décor and the colour of furniture, carpets, rugs and other fixtures. When properly done, colour psychology leads to a cheerful, mellow and energetic aura.


4.Re-arrange Furniture

Are you looking for ways to brighten up your living room on a tight budget? Work with what you have already. Take advantage of free interior design software that is available online. Play with the pieces of furniture on your computer first and then replicate the same arrangement on your actual house furniture. 

There should be a logical flow of items inside the room to create enough walking space. You do not want people to trip on mats or footstools. If there is a focal point such as a fireplace, ensure the new seating arrangement points at it.


5.Buy New Accessories

The living room can feel and look too predictable. Change accessories such as wall hangings, clocks, wall art, candles, pillows, and throws. Don’t be afraid to mix and match bright colours with neutral tones. This makes the accessories alive and vivid. 

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