5 Different Ways to Style Your Deck

Style Your Deck

The deck is one of the most beautiful places to spend time outdoors while at home. You can relax with your family as you gaze at the surrounding sceneries. However, if it is not in a pristine condition, you might want to spruce it up to make it a bit more welcoming.

Many people wrongly believe that upgrading their deck will cost them a fortune. The truth is that it does not cost much – you could even do it yourself.

Here are a few ways through which you can improve your deck without necessarily impacting on your budget.

Start with Repairs

Before anything, inspect the existing condition of your deck and pay attention to any damaged parts. It is not practical to add new features if the current ones are defective.

You should specifically look for the broken parts and mend them before you start accessorizing. If anything is irreparable, make sure that you replace it.  The budget for repairs and replacements depends on the extent of the damage. You can cut down on expenditures by doing the repairs yourself, provided you have the know-how and the required tools.

Add Outdoor Lighting

It is essential to have outdoor lighting, especially if you plan to use the deck late into the night. Besides providing illumination during nighttime, light fixtures can add stylishness to your deck.

There are several lighting options applicable to your deck. Some popular options include globe lights, string lights, deck post lighting, and recessed deck lighting. Make sure that you use LEDs because they are more efficient and consume less electricity than other types of bulbs.

Screen Your Deck

It is impossible to have a good time if you get persistent distractions. By screening your deck, you can make it more enjoyable and enhance its appearance. 

The best way of screening is by roofing it, which also transforms it into an outdoor room. The market has several options to choose from, but most people opt for deck screens that have small panels and wooden beams.

Install a Decorative Railing

A railing is a critical feature in any deck since it prevents people from falling off. That said, it should not have a bland design because it is meant to provide safety.

Because they run around the deck, railings have a significant impact on its outlook. You could make it attractive by choosing stylish designs such as cable railings, glass panels or metallic spindles.

If you are on a budget, you could add colour by painting the existing railing. Consider using different colours on the spindles. Make sure that you use paint that is resistant to the elements and remember that you will need to repaint at least once yearly.

Purchase a Deck Umbrella

For those that do not want to roof their deck, an umbrella is an excellent alternative. In addition to providing shade, it helps you keep cool while adding style to your deck. It is a mandatory investment if you plan on dining on your deck.

Unlike roofs, umbrellas are easily portable – you can move them to your preferred spot when you feel like it. They also come in many shapes, sizes, and patterns.

Conclusion If you had forgotten about your deck, consider applying the tips mentioned above to make the space habitable. You are going to need it, especially now that most people are spending time at home.

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