5 Amazing Special Effects Makeup Artists

5 Amazing Special Effects Makeup Artists

There is definitely nothing cooler than coming across an amazing special effects makeup artist. The ability to transform real people into works of art, make them look completely different, and add on extra bits in some cases, really is a skill that takes a ton of practice! Check out these amazing makeup SFX artists from around the globe and see what you think about their skills!

1. MakeupMouse

@makeupmouse aka Heather Moorehouse from Brighton in the UK is one of SFX makeup’s bright stars. Going from barefaced babe to zombie, ethereal skeleton (yup, that’s a thing!), alien superstar and so much more in between is this chick’s forte. With a very skilled eye for colour and how each goes together, along with some very brace designs and a truly brilliant technique, it’s no wonder that Heather was awarded the NYX UK Face crown. Don’t hesitate to follow her on Instagram or head over to her YouTube channel for some great tutorials.

2. Powdah

If you’re looking for truly gruesome body special effects makeup then there is simply no going past Powdah, or, as he is gone by in the real world, Marc Clancy. Running his SFX makeup business from Melbourne, Australia, Marc is particularly known for his car crash style visuals including severed and mashed limbs, bones poking through the skin, zombification effects, and gore, gore, gore. While his makeup effects aren’t for those with weak stomachs, they really are astonishing to look at and very, very realistic looking. Have a browse through Marc’s Instagram or YouTube channel to check out just what we mean.

3. RaniRatt

Here for some more stylised or artistic gore? Then 17-year-old Rani Ratt is the girl that you should be following. There’s still a lot of spattering blood about, but it’s more arty fun that Rani is about. With pictures like a yin yang symbol “carved” into an arm, and carvings on legs exposing funny signs underneath, she’s more about that interesting angle about gore, rather than straight up realism. Think sort of Peter Jackson’s early schlock horror type movies and you’ll have the right sort of idea. Have a browse through Rani’s Insta to have a look.

4. Natatlie_Kirk_MUA

Pow! Bam! Boom! Natalie Kirk is putting her stamp on the special effects makeup scene by becoming the queen of cartoon style special effects makeup. She’s the kind of chick that you really want on hand in the lead up to the next ComiCon! Hailing from Buxton, UK, she specialises in face and body painting and some of her stylings look like they’re straight out of the pages of your favourite comic book. Stan Lee would be proud. Head over to her Instagram to peep her cartoon crazy looks and stylings.

5. LuveKat

Touting herself as a mermaid/body painter/fantasy and SFX makeup artist, LuveKat is a bit of an expert at pulling together makeup looks that are both beautifully feminine and at the same time more than a little bit out of this world. Operating out of Riverside, California, Kat’s known for being experimental while at the same time working with what nature gave you, to create looks that leave you looking like an oddball – but a babein’ oddball for sure. Mermaids and under the sea looks are one of Kat’s favourite specialities to get stuck into. Check her Instagram for more.

If you’re interested in SFX makeup or makeup artistry in general, the best way to get stuck into it is by completing a short course. Either full time or part time, you’ll be able to hone your skills and work with some really awesome makeup professionals.

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