4 Types of Natural Stone Decking for your Swimming Pool.


A must-have accessory for your pool area is a deck. A pool deck serves many vital functions; for example, it offers a safe surface around the pool.

Pool decks also contribute to the visual aesthetic of outdoor spaces. A beautiful deck will enhance the allure of your pool and give it a magnificent ambience.

There’s a wide variety of materials you can use to make your pool deck. At the top of this list are natural stones. These have a distinctive look and innumerable benefits.

If you are thinking of adding a natural stone finishing to your pool deck, here are the 4 of the best kinds of natural stone decking you can use.


The seaside born stone is famous for its earthy tone. Naturally occurring in coastal areas, this stone is common in old architectural structures.

Limestone tiles come in a wide range of colours which is of great benefit. You can easily pick out your desired colour from the long catalogue. Moreover, you are not restricted to one choice. The stone offers a great opportunity to explore unique designs with different colour combinations.

Pool decks paved with limestone tiles remains unaffected by any extremes in atmospheric conditions. Limestone is sure to stand the test, whether it’s exposed to the scorching sun, strong winds, or heavy rain.

Limestone rocks also have a smooth feel that is unmatched by other flooring options. In addition, its unique texture makes it the most velvety of all natural rocks.


Naturally found in mineral springs, travertine is a sedimentary rock that has excellent absorbing qualities. This makes it an ideal material for your pool deck tiles.

The porous nature assures you of a firm, non-slippery floor surface. As a result, your pool deck will be a safe walking area.

Travertine has robust shades of red and brown, which easily blend in with the surrounding. It also creates a great contrast to the pool floors adding to the beauty of the pool area.

The stone remains cool regardless of the weather conditions. This further enhances its comfort, particularly in hot climate areas. You can comfortably sit and bask on your travertine pool deck on a hot day with no worries about burns.


This mountain mined mineral is an excellent material for pool decks. The natural appeal in its appearance makes it a go-to option for most.

The feel of marble tiles is almost as smooth as that of limestone tiles, making it an excellent recommendation.

The inscribed patterns in marble rocks also gives them an ageless allure that is ideal for a home.

Unfortunately, marble tiles are quite slippery. A wet marble floor is a recipe for disaster. However, non-slippery finishes are available for pool decks. This included honed and flamed finishes.


Are you looking for a tough finish to your pool deck floor? Granite is a durable rock that is harder than limestone.

The rock can take on a lot of insults and withstand the test of time. In addition, granite has great resistance to water erosion.  Therefore, your granite paved pool deck is sure to remain lustrous and appealing from installation. A granite finish on your pool deck will leave an air of elegance that is inviting.

Whatever choice of tile finish you settle for, be sure that the four natural stone options will not disappoint. They perform well on all fronts and make for unique installations. Work with the material that best suits your needs while offering you the most benefit. A gorgeous pool deck is the pride of any home.

About the Author: Varun Rana

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