10 Gift Ideas for Dad

10 Gift Ideas for Dad From Gourmet Baskets

What kind of man is your dad? Is he the traditional father who paid all the bills but didn’t show much tenderness? Is he the modern dad that attended all your recitals and gave you lots of hugs? Did he teach you how to throw a ball, shave, and fix your car? Or was he more of the ‘threaten your boyfriends, teach you how to hunt’ kind of man?

However your dad parented you, he probably has a special place in your heart, and if you have a good relationship, you generally pamper him of Father’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, or just because. Since there are so many gifting occasions, you might soon run out of ideas, so here are a few suggestions to help you along.

Game tickets for the sporty dad

Some sports-mad-dads like to get on the field and toss the ball around, while others are content to yell from the side lines or follow the game on TV. Sporty dads are easy to shop for because there are so many options. You could buy a one-year subscription for his sports cable package, or buy merchandise from his favourite team. Earn extra points by planning an overseas sports holiday, complete with plane tickets, a hotel, a sports tour, and a live game.

Opera for the music man

Everybody likes music, but some people have a special affinity for it. If your dad is musically inclined, you could go a few ways. You could get him a musical instrument and sign him up for lessons. Or you could take him for a musical extravaganza, depending on his tastes. Tickets to the opera, an outdoor music festival, or a live performance by his favourite band, including back stage access. That would make his whole year.

Branded gear for fashionable fathers

Few fathers are interested in fashion, so if your dad is into style and chic, invest in some designer clothing. It could be a tailored Gucci suit, men’s Manolos, or genuine Rayban aviators. If he’s more casual, go the other way and get him bonafide sneakers from Nike, Puma, or Adidas. Maybe even some Sketchers. Just be sure he’s the kind of dad who values brands, or he might wonder why you spent hundreds of dollars on running shoes.

Wonderful waves for water lovers

You know the stereotype about fathers and fishing? Some men like to sit quietly on the water as they wait for a bite. Others use their boat time to bond and tell each other ‘war stories’. Either way, a fishing trip is a good way to spend some quality time with your dad. If he prefers more active water sports, you could take him surfing, kayaking, or swimming. Unless he’s the kind of dad that prefers a day at the beach, then a nice seaside barbecue will do.

Daddy’s day off

Want to get creative with your gift to dad? Make him a Free Chore Coupon. For one whole day, take over Daddy Duty so he can put his feet up. You could mow the lawn for him, or weed the garden. It’s also a sneaky way to make your mum happy by taking care of all those around-the-house jobs she’s been nagging him to do. Is there some painting she’s been complaining about for six months, or some gutters that need cleaning? Do them for (mum and) dad and get double brownie points.

Big books and beer

If your dad enjoys his barley and hops, then a hamper with the best of both makes a great gift. You can get gift baskets for him that has a selection of different beers, either brands he enjoys or something completely new, maybe even a craft beer. And to top it off, throw in a couple of books filled with beer trivia and home brewing tips. There’s nothing like a Beer Bible to make his drink go down even better.

Silk tie for the classy guy

A lot of men have to wear ties for work, but they rarely buy their own. Most of the ties in their wardrobes are gifts from the ladies in their lives. And while they may have nice shades and patterns, they’re probably not very fancy. Spoil your dad with a nice silk tie that he can wear when he wants to dress up. Make sure it’s a versatile colour like navy blue. That way, he can wear it with lots of different outfits. You might even make it a fancy bow tie.

Go Go Gadget Dad

Boys love their toys, and your dad is no different, so go all out and get him a nifty new gadget. You could go traditional and get him a new smartphone or a smartwatch. It’s a cool, practical gift, and there’s a lot he can do with it. But if your dad is more the playful kind, you could always get him a realistic remote control car, helicopter, or jet plane. If your budget and zoning regulations allow it, go all out and buy him an actual drone.

Dazzle with DIY

Does dad like to work with his hands? Gift him a DIY project. It can be something functional like a garden shed, above-ground pool, or outdoor pizza oven. Every time he looks at the finished products, he will feel proud of himself, and every man wants an excuse to show off his masculinity. If he’s more of a hobbyist, scale it down and get him a model boat or plane that he can assemble from scratch.

Free car wash

Every dad is proud of his vehicle, whether he’s a speed demon who spends his weekend’s off-roading or a mechanical type that loves to tinker beneath the bonnet. So give him the kind of treat that will leave his wheels looking good and smelling great. Pay to have his car thoroughly detailed, both inside and out. Top it off with a good wax job. He’ll love it.

10 Gift Ideas For Dad

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