10 Advantages of Roller Shutters for Your Shopfront

Roller shutters are a heavy duty way to improve the security of your storefront, and there are lots of different reasons why you would choose roller shutters. The first is to give yourself peace of mind.

Advantages of roller shutters for your shopfront
  1. A good roller shutter guarantees that criminals of opportunity can’t get into your property. While some delinquents spend weeks of planning before they target your business, others simply walk around looking for the easiest score. They’re on the lookout for light locks, fragile window panes, or fastenings that will easily submit to a crowbar. Roller shutters appear formidable to this kind of casual criminal since there’s no easy way to get them open. They offer psychological protection to your shop, because when you look at them you feel safe and secure, while criminals looking at them feel intimidated and wary.
  2. This type of security offers you beauty, both when they’re open and when they’re closed. You can colour your roller shutter to beautifully contrast the neighbouring shops so that it stands out and draws customers. You can also use muted tones that blend into the background so that after hours, potential criminals can’t even tell your shop is there. It looks like a solid wall.
  3. During the day, your roller shutter can allow you to use a full glass display, which lets in natural light to cheer up your staff and customers. French doors also give you a large display area where you can highlight your best products to entice customers. You won’t have to worry about damaging the glass because every time you leave, you reinforce the glass with a solid shutter.
  4. In areas that are prone to strong winds, earthquakes, cyclones, and other destructive weather elements, roller shutters are a big help. They will protect your shopfront and all the products inside, and can even end up holding the walls because the solid steel has immense tensile strength.
  5. Roller shutters are convenient because they are easy to draw up or pull down. All it takes is one strong yank, and that saves plenty of time when opening your shop or closing it down for the night. When you’re in a rush to beat traffic, or when you have a line of eager customers waiting, every second saved is worth it.
  6. Another advantage is that you save space, which is a big factor when shop rentals are calculated per square inch. Regular doors or metal grills occupy a lot of square footage. You have to design your store in a way that leaves room for the doors to fold back. And you might be worried about the doors swinging forward and harming customers. With roller shutters, you don’t have that challenge. The shutters neatly roll out of sight when you open them. You won’t even know they’re there. And when you pull them down, you can secure them in place with a complex mechanism or a large padlock, so they’re versatile and easy to use.
  7. Many roller shutters have inbuilt fire resistance, which comes in handy when you have a shop that has delicate flammables. The glass window, the wooden pillars, the pricey products, all of this will be safe behind your roller shutter. And it will protect your shop from rain and rust as well since they often have a waterproof coating.
  8. The wide range of sizing options for roller shutters is an additional benefit. You can fit them on single windows, wide garage doors, or even a whole wall. They are resistant to looting, since no amount of banging and hammering will bring them down, and if you like, you can install some shutter lighting to further deter potential threats.
  9. Roller shutters are even resistant to some of the less considered options, like at cat scratches. Wild rodents can’t bore holes beneath them, and slithering critters can’t slip past the seams, so you’re safe from both wild and domestic creature damage.
  10. This secure storefront option is available in a variety of colours, styles, and textures, so you’re sure to find one that fits within your budget and taste. And once you install it, your shopfront security – and its beauty –will be assured.

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